Crispin Merrell Composer

I am a composer for film, television and a variety of media, with credits for legendary productions including Death Machine, New Captain Scarlet, and Space Precinct.

I love working with creative professionals to produce memorable and dramatic scores that speak to the imagination.

Crispin Merrell

Crispin studied at the Royal College of Music and began composing professionally at the age of fourteen. An accomplished pianist, he won first prize in the Young Pianist Of The Year national competition and was awarded the Associated Board Gold for the highest marks in the country for grade 8 piano. At 16 he started writing for the Amphonic Music Library, composing and conducting varied styles and genres of music including the ITN News special on the handover of Hong Kong to China and the Sony Playstation hit Driver.

He then went on to compose the music for Death Machine, his first feature film. It was during this time that international producer Gerry Anderson MBE heard Crispin’s music and asked him to work on his 24-part TV series Space Precinct. Since then Crispin has worked on many successful productions, including two more Gerry Anderson projects - the 26-part Lavender Castle series and New Captain Scarlet. His most recent project is a collaboration with friend and fellow composer Gordon Young for Tanabi Films’ feature By Any Name.